Augmented Reality

Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR) Augmented Reality (AR) is not a complete imaginary/virtual world as like a virtual reality. The technology became an important tool across all the industries because of its greater advantages and ease of adaptability. AR is rapidly growing next generation technology and becoming popular because itRead More →

5G Technology

5G Technology Introduction The 5G Technology is the next generation telecom networks and it is started hitting the market in the month of April 2019 and will continue to expand worldwide. 5G Technology is the fifth generation cellular network technology that provides internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliableRead More →

3D Printing

3D Printing Introduction What is 3D printing? Why it got that much significance in the latest manufacturing methodologies. Why the world is moving towards this incredible technology. 3D printing is a game changer innovative technology that lets you to create a physical object (Plastic or Metallic) from a digital model.Read More →

Virtual Reality

Introduction Virtual reality is a buzz word in these digital days. VR is one of the greatest future technologies among the Industry 4.0. The latest revolution in the industries is Industry 4.0. You will probably never go to the space, swim under the deep sea with dolphins, run an OlympicRead More →