Engineering drawing content

Need Of Engineering Drawing Engineering drawings are generated by the mechanical engineers to enable the manufacturer to manufacture the product or component. An engineering drawing can be defined as a type of technical drawing, is used to fully and clearly define the product or components geometry and dimensions to manufactureRead More →

What is Value Analysis and Value Engineering

Introduction Value Analysis is a systematic approach to reduce the product cost. Value analysis approach identifies unnecessary manufacturing cost and indicates the ways to reduce it without lowering down the performance of product. People think that VE means an alternative design with the intention to cost cutting exercise for aRead More →

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Introduction Sheet metal is one type of the raw material and it is used for creating the parts by the help of sheet metal forming operations. Sheet metal forming is one type of subtractive manufacturing methodology. Sheet metal parts are also known for their durability, which makes themRead More →

GD&T Questions and Answers

GD&T Questions Following are the GD&T Questions. Please read GD&T before going to the GD&T question Each dimension shall have a _________________________ except those dimensions specifically identified as reference, maximum, minimum, or stock. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing is a symbolic language used to specify the ________________, _________________,  _____________  ,  ______________Read More →

GD&T Main Page

GD&T Introduction GD&T is very important in the manufacturing drawings. Since the first engineering drawing are introduced that the manufacturing drawings contain dimensional tolerances. Here in this blog i will be explaining the need of GD&T, GD&T definition, GD&T symbols, GD&T advantages, understanding of GD&T in the drawing, types ofRead More →

Mechanical Engineering.

Future Trends of CAD CAM and CAE: Future of the CAD, CAM and CAE is completely depends on the technology. Nowadays the technologies like AI, VR, AR, Cloud technology, IoT, 5G technology and Industry 4.0 are the most influential business sector changing the shape of the economy and everyday lifeRead More →

Rendering Copper tube

CAD Model Rendering. Rendering is the process of crating photo realistic images for using in crating the product promotions and product catalogs.Read More →