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How to Prepare a Best Resume | Resume Format | Keywords in Resume

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Resume Format and Keywords in Resume

Resume format is very much important for job search. Many people are talented and posses good skill but never get a call for an interview. There are few things which need to be implemented/managed in the resume for getting a call for interview.

One can concentrate on preparing the best resume incorporating the key words as mentioned in the following points for self promotion. Based on my experience I would like to explain few things for preparing the best resume or curriculum vitae.

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What content to be placed in the resume?

  • Job Role Keywords

  • Personnel Information

  • Demography and Contact Information

  • Professional Summary

  • Educational Details

  • Curriculum Project

  • Employment and details timeline details

  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • Major Projects handled

  • Skills, Accomplishments, Awards or Achievements

  • Memberships or Professional Organizations

  • Passport Details

  • In case of holding a VISA mention the country name and expiry date.

  • Preferred Locations

  • Social Media Reference

  • Covering letter

Job Role Keywords:

Incorporation of Keywords is an important activity in writing a good resume. Keywords play a major role in selection of the resume when a recruiter searches for the candidate. Let me take an example Mechanical Engineer for a role of “mechanical design engineer” the keywords are as follows (Bold and Italic).

CAD Engineer

CAD Design Engineer

Surface Design Engineer (Surface is a module in CAD)

Catia CAD engineer  (Catia is CAD software)

Mechanical design engineer


Why Are Keywords Important?

The placing of correct keywords in your resume can be the difference between it being selected or overlooked. By seeing the keywords in your resume that the employer may get an impression that you are knowledgeable about your field. As an example, mentioning a specific software skill is stronger than saying that you have “good computer skills”.

How Do I Find the Right Keywords?

While preparing or updating the resume once go through the job description in or which is similar to the role you are going to submit the resume and use all the relevant keywords in your resume.

Linkedin Job Keywords

Personnel Information:

Add the information like your full name, email ID and contact number. Please check the accessibility of your mail before providing. It is always advisable to provide the local contact number. Example, if you are applying in Hyderabad the sim card should be local at telangana state, India.

Demography and Contact Information:

Some job roles require the gender. Please do mention the gender in the resume and age too.

Professional Summary:

Mentioning a “Professional Summary” is optional but highly recommended. Mention the overview of your professional experience and your expertise in various fields. In twelve words or less, clearly state what you are. Avoid overused phrases, such as “utilizing my skills” or “offering a potential to grow” without being specific about how to accomplish the goal.

Educational Details:

Mention all the educational details in a tabular column. Include qualification, educational institution, year of passing, board/university. Always start with the highest qualification.

Curriculum Project:

In case of fresher, mention the Curriculum Project and your roles and responsibilities in the project.

Employment and details timeline details:

Mention all the employment details in a tabular column. Even if you got promoted in the same organization mention as new employment. Don’t forget to include Roles and Responsibilities in the organization, Major Projects handled Skills, Accomplishments or Achievements.

Memberships or Professional Organizations:

List any memberships, campus activities or professional organizations you are currently or were engaged in that relate to your career objective. Indicate office(s) held. Example for mechanical engineers following are the certifications.

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Professional – Technologist

SAE Members

Certified SolidWorks Professional

Passport Details:

Mention the passport number and validity date. In case of holding a VISA mention the country name and expiry date.

Preferred Locations:

Do mention the Preferred Locations in the resume. In case if the positions are completed in that location the recruiter may consider your candidature for the next location if you are interested.

Social Media Reference:

The Social Media Reference is a mandatory especially LinkedIn. The recruiter will evaluate your profile and connections for the genuinely.

Covering letter:

Prepare a letter for each post and address the name to which you are sending the resume.

Mention the present organization, CTC and notice period.

Final Points:

Final points are the selection of text, fonts, paper, printing and mailing methods.

Text: The most popular typefaces are verdana and new century, Times new roman.

Fonts (type size): Two types are generally used, 10-point and 12-point. Generally go with 10-points.

Document Type: MS Word Document

Printing Methods: When doing a global job search, consider the electronic resume. Always use a quality method of printing, such as a laser printer. Mailing/Distribution: If you fax a resume, use white paper. Use the largest font which comfortably fits within your resume margins. Always mail or deliver a original to the prospective employer the same day.

Thank you for going through my blog. I wish you good luck.

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